Full Gospel Church- Voi

(043) 2030314/ (+254) 722209837
P.O. Box 54-80300, Voi, Kenya.

Service Times:  Wednesday at 6:00 pm, Sunday at 8:00 am

We are situated in Voi town of the Coast Province . The town is located 1890 feet above sea level; 338 km from Nairobi and 156 km from Mombasa on latitude-03, 24 S longitude 38, 34 SE. The climate is warm and dry. It is the entry point of the f amous Tsavo East National Park ,where elephants abound just like the sheep of Australia. You are most welcome to see and enjoy our national heritage. Come and find the famous Tsavolite gemstone named after the Tsavo, only found in Voi.
We are located at Market road, opposite the social services office adjacent to Voi stadium. It will be a great blessing for us to hear from you.

Voi Main Attractions

Tsavo Region

Tsavo National Park, which is divided into Tsavo West and Tsavo East, is Kenya’s largest national park and one offlygoose the world’s biggest. Tsavo West has a rolling volcanic landscape and is home to the “big five” animals. It also offers a temporary home to a huge number of migrating birds between October and January.

Tsavo East, across the highway, has rolling scrub-covered hills and is home to large herds of elephant and buffalo.

deerOther places of interest in the area are the small village of Makindu with its Sikh temple and nearby Makindu Handicrafts Co-operative; the Lava Flows of Shetani and Chaimu which offer fun caving; and Taveta, which can be used as a base to enjoy swimming with the pygmy crocodiles in Lake Chala or exploring Lake Jipe by motorboat or traditional dugout canoe.
Mzima Springs
springThese crystal clear pools are a favourite hangout for hippos and crocodiles. You need to go early to avoid the rush of tour buses, but you won’t be disappointed by the peace which is disturbed only by the birds and monkeys. The main attraction is a submerged viewing tank which was designed so that people could watch the hippo’s antics underwater, but since it was built the hippos have retreated shyly to the other side of the pool. The good news is that you get a great view of the fish.
kenyaflagThe underground water that feeds the pools filters up through the volcanic rock of the Chyulu Hills and it is linked by pipeline to Mombasa, supplying most of the town’s water.
Shetani Lava Flows
Volcanic eruptions are still the subject of stories among the local people who speak of fire and evil spirits. The magnificent Shetani lava flow and caves are only 200 years old and it is well worth investigating, but you need to be extremely cautious if you plan to explore the caves – and you must take a torch. Chaimu lava flow has a walking trail which is fun, but the brittle black lava is not very stable and is bare of plants. It is possible to climb up to the crater rim, but it is very hard work. Also remember that the animals of Tsavo are not fenced in and you do not want to disturb any sleeping animals with big teeth, while caving.